Pitbull Coonhound Mix: A Comprehensive Guide (With Pictures & Video)

The Pitbull coonhound mix is a dog that is known for being extremely active and loving the outdoors. They make great family dogs because they are so friendly and enjoy being around people. However, they need a lot of exercise and room to run, so if you live in an apartment or don’t have a big backyard, this may not be the right dog for you.

The Pitbull coonhound mix is a dog that is quickly becoming popular in the United States. This is due, in part, to the fact that it is a very versatile dog that can be used for a variety of purposes. Some people choose to use this dog as a working dog, while others may use it as a pet. No matter what the purpose, this particular dog has many advantages that make it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a new pet.

The Appearance of Pitbull Coonhound Mix

Pitbull Coonhound Mix

The appearance of the Pitbull coonhound mix is a result of the breeding of two purebred dogs, the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Coonhound. The physical characteristics of this dog vary depending on which breed was used to create it, but in general, they are medium-sized muscular dogs with short coats that can be any color. They are intelligent and have a high prey drive, meaning they may be more inclined to hunt small animals than other breeds. As with all dog breeds, proper socialization and training are necessary to ensure that they become well-adjusted family pets.

The Personality of Pitbull Coonhound Mix


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The pitbull coonhound mix is a medium-sized dog that is known for its friendly and outgoing personality. This breed is not only great with children but also makes a great family pet. They are loyal, protective, and always up for a good game of fetch. Due to their energetic nature, the pitbull coonhound mix needs plenty of exercise and room to run. Owners should be prepared to commit to regular training sessions, as this breed can be stubborn at times. 

How to care for a Pitbull Coonhound Mix

The pitbull coonhound mix is a breed that is becoming more and more popular. They are loving and loyal dog that is great with kids. However, they do need some basic care to make sure they stay healthy and happy. This guide will outline the basics of taking care of a Pitbull coonhound mix, including proper feeding, exercise, and grooming.


The Pitbull coonhound mix needs a balanced diet that includes protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. They should be fed two meals per day, preferably at the same time each day. A good diet for a Pitbull coonhound mix includes:

  • A high-quality kibble that is specifically designed for Pitbulls or coonhounds
  • Rawhide bones or bully sticks to keep their teeth clean and healthy.
  • A small amount of wet food, such as chicken or beef broth, once or twice a week


Pitbull coonhound mixes need at least an hour of exercise per day. They love to run and play, so make sure they get plenty of opportunities to do so. A good way to exercise your pitbull coonhound mix is to take them on a long walk or go for a hike in the park. They will also enjoy playing fetch or going for a swim.


Pitbull coonhound mixes do not require a lot of grooming, but they will need to be brushed on a regular basis. They also need to have their ears cleaned regularly to prevent infection.


Pitbull coonhound mixes are generally healthy dogs, but they can be prone to hip dysplasia and eye problems.

They should also be screened for any potential health problems before being purchased.

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Training of Pitbull coonhound mix


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The first step in training your pitbull coonhound mix is to start while they are still a puppy. As with any dog, early socialization and obedience training are key. 

It’s important to begin leash training as soon as possible and to start housebreaking them at the same time. 

Be consistent with your commands and rewards, and remain patient while training your pup. It may take some time, but with persistence, you will have a well-behaved dog.

What to do if your Pitbull Coonhound Mix Becomes Aggressive

A pitbull coonhound mix is a cross between two of the most popular dog breeds in America. Typically, these dogs are friendly, good-natured, and make great family pets. 

However, there is always the potential for aggression, especially if the dog feels threatened or is not well socialized. If your pitbull coonhound mix becomes aggressive, there are a few things you can do to help mitigate the situation. 

First, always be sure to provide plenty of positive reinforcement when the dog displays good behavior. 

Second, make sure your dog is getting enough exercise, both physically and mentally. Third, keep him or her well socialized with other people and animals. 

Finally, consult with a professional behaviorist if the aggression persists.

Where to find a Pitbull Coonhound Mix

Pitbull Coonhound Mix

There are many places to find a Pitbull coonhound mix, but not all of them are created equal. Some may be backyard breeders who are only looking to make a quick buck, while others may be legitimate dog rescues that care about the animals they’re placing in homes. So, how can you tell the difference?

First and foremost, it’s important to do your research. Look for reviews online and see what other people have said about the breeder or rescue. If there are any red flags, move on.

Another thing to consider is the cost of the dog. A good breeder will charge a fair price for their puppies, while a rescue may ask for a small adoption fee. If the cost is too good to be true, it probably is.

Finally, take the time to meet the dog in person before making your decision. This will give you a chance to see how the dog interacts with others and whether or not it’s a good fit for your family.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Pitbull Coonhound Mix

There are a lot of different dog breeds out there, and each one has its own unique set of pros and cons. We’ll take a look at the pitbull coonhound mix – often referred to as the “Pitbull Coonhound” or the “Pit Coon”.

The Pitbull Coonhound is a cross between two popular dog breeds: the American Pitbull Terrier and the Redbone Coonhound. As such, it inherits some of the best traits from both parents.

The Pitbull Coonhound is a strong, athletic dog with a lot of energy. They are excellent hunters and love to track prey. They are also very loyal and protective of their family and make great guard dogs.

However, the Pitbull Coonhound can also be quite stubborn and difficult to train. They require a lot of exercises and can be quite destructive if left alone for too long.

Pitbull Coonhound Mix( Video Clip)

Conclusion: Pitbull Coonhound Mix

This article introduces the reader to the Pitbull Coonhound mix, a cross between two beloved dog breeds. It provides pictures and information on the mix’s temperament, size, and coat. The article encourages the reader to share it with others and leave comments.

Related Questions 

How big will a Pitbull hound mix get?

A Pitbull hound mix is a cross between a purebred Pitbull and a Hound dog. They will get to be around 60-70 pounds. They are generally not good with other animals unless they are raised with them from puppyhood. They make excellent watchdogs and love their families fiercely.

What is a coonhound mix?

Coonhound mixes are a result of breeding different types of coonhounds. There is no one coonhound mix, as the result of any crossbreeding between two coonhounds is unpredictable. Some coonhound mixes may have the characteristics of both parents, while others may only resemble one of them. Coonhound mixes make great pets and are typically very friendly and good with children.

Are Pitbull mixes good family dogs?

There are a lot of misconceptions about pitbull mixes. Some people think they are mean, vicious dogs that will attack anyone who comes near them. Others believe they are excellent family pets that are great with kids. The truth is, pitbull mixes can be good or bad family dogs, just like any other type of dog. It all depends on their upbringing and how they are treated by their owners.


Pitbull Coonhound Mix

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