Cyber ​​assault: The grey spot on the RKI's corona card thumbnail

The Corona map of Germany from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has had a reporting gap within the northeast for weeks as a result of a cyber assault. Within the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania district of Ludwigslust-Parchim and the neighboring state capital Schwerin, there had already been a cyber assault on the municipal IT service supplier in October, whereupon all methods had been shut down for safety. So, figuratively talking, the workers pulled the plug earlier than the issue may unfold any additional. The reporting methods for the corona knowledge within the district had been additionally affected by this emergency measure: Nonetheless, for the reason that RKI solely accepts an computerized report, the district stays grey.

However why was Schwerin spared? “Not like the state capital Schwerin, the district's well being division labored with the Sormas software program,” says the district administration. The state capital, nonetheless, depends on the SurvNet program, which can also be utilized by the RKI. So the town of Schwerin was fortunate in catastrophe.

Issues for greater than a month

As a district spokeswoman defined, an interface is often used to trade knowledge between the 2 packages talked about. That is being labored on, however it’s at present not practical. Additionally a direct switch of greater than 8. 000 data from Sormas In SurvNet it’s not potential, in keeping with the software program supplier, the case knowledge may very well be duplicated right here. As an alternative of jeopardizing the informative worth of the database, no knowledge is distributed to the Federal Institute in the interim.

In keeping with the Mecklenburg Municipal Service (KSM) and the Schweriner IT and Service Firm (SIS) on 15. October at 3. (******************************************************************************************************************************************) began within the morning with malware Encrypt components of the executive knowledge of Schwerin, the Ludwigslust-Parchim district and different administrative our bodies and cities belonging to the district. These had been saved on shared servers of the businesses. For greater than a month, consultants have been busy subjecting all methods and the related computer systems within the district and within the state capital to an in depth check and solely then placing them again into operation. This could proceed for weeks. dpa

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